One Track Lover is a song that features in the episode 'The Creeping Moss from the Shores of Shuggoth'. It is about Lucien's love for Liz, and is sung by Lucien with a rap by Thornton and guitar by Rick


Why won't she be mine?

I wish I was more attractive like Dagless

Still one can only dream

I'm a one track lover

Down a two way lane

Drivin' fast down the highway

Must o' been insane

Cos the temperature's too high

Traveling way too fast

And I knew our lovin'

Was too hot to last

She's smooth, like ice

Cold to the touch and it isn't very nice

When your left (cold to the touch) alone

You let them treat you badly, leaves you hanging on the phone

Take off (hot enough)

Shove your lovin' to the wheel

Put the pedal to the floor

'Cos your heading for the hills

(making love)

Got to get away, can't take it no more

Man you don't need this

Leave it, leave it, leave it at the door

(we should be making love)

the door, the door, the door

Sanch, open the door!

Sorry Reed, bad dream